Below, you’ll find links to some external funding sources, and information about the FIDL internal grants program.

Internal Grants Program (FIDL)

The Department of Anesthesia provides seed money for new projects within the department on a competitive basis. This opportunity is open to all departmental faculty and instructors. Including investigators outside of the Anesthesia department is encouraged.

For each grant cycle, up to 3 projects of 1-year duration will be selected; the FIDL program has a total budget of $100,000 per cycle. Applications are usually reviewed in the fall and spring of each year.  

FIDL stands for -

  • F – Field of anesthesiology: The topic of the research should directly impact the field of anesthesiology, including its subspecialty areas.
  • I – Investigator: The work should have the potential to significantly advance the career of the investigator. Junior faculty members are especially strongly encouraged to apply. More senior individuals with ideas outside of the scope of their current programs should also consider this opportunity.
  • D – Departmental benefit: In addition to supporting an individual investigator, weight will be given to proposals supporting new collaborations between faculty members both within and outside the department, and projects that may create new research opportunities of interest to multiple faculty members.
  • L – Leverage for external research dollars: A well-reasoned plan for the use of the expected findings in supporting applications for external funding is important in evaluating the impact of the proposal.


Applications should follow standard NIH format for an R21 style application.  Please include a specific aims page with up to 6 additional pages containing the research strategy. Provide biosketches for key personnel, and a budget justification including personnel time and roles, plus other major cost sections. Please include statements of the overall scientific impact of the study. Other NIH-specific forms (i.e., equipment, human subjects or animal sections) are not required.


The applications will undergo peer review using the NIH review format as a guide.

Dates for Current Cycle

Due date for all materials – April 1, 2016
Expected funding date – May 15, 2016

If you have questions, please contact Frances Davies: (650) 493-5000 x64854.