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2007 Stanford University Alumni Reception

Where: San Francisco (details to follow)
When: Sunday, October 14, 2007
Time: TBA
2004 Reception, Las Vegas, Nevada

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Annual Anesthesia Department Golf Tournament

2008 Golf Tournament (April TBA, 2008)

Hole #12 Par 4 445 yds

The 6th Annual Golf Tournament will soon be upon us and will be played at the Stanford University Golf Course. It is open to all anesthesia staff, fellows, residents and alumni with significant others. You are limited to bring only one friend or wife etc. You must carry your own golf bag and no sharing of golf clubs are allowed. For those interested please e-mail Dr. Bruck-Utne so as to get on the mailing list.

Format: Scramble (i.e. each foursome plays each shot from the best of the 4 players' previous shot; one overall score for the team).

Prizes for: Best Team score, Longest Drive on #18, Closest to the hole on #8

At the end of the tournament there will be prize giving, drinks and snacks on the patio overlooking the 18th Green. This will start from about 5:30 pm.

John Brock-Utne
Deputy Greens Keeper

Past Winners:

Year #Players Team (score) Longest Drive Closest to hole
2003 14 Barry Waddell
Kelly Yeh
Joshua Sun
Fred Mihm
(290 yds)
Sue Brock-Utne
(2ft 4in)
2004 20 Peiter Van de Starre
Annette Van de Starre
Scott Rudy
Ivar Brock-Utne
Ivar Brock-Utne
(280 yds)
Joshua Sun
(7ft 9in)
2005 19 Scott Rudy
David Gaba
Deanna Mann
John Bruck-Utne
Sue Brock-Utne Michael Champeau
2006 20

Stephen King
Diane King
Barry Waddell
Jen Eng

Scott Rudy

Sherma Zacharias

Sue Brock-Utne
2007 24 Scott Rudy
Mark Pratt
Peter Barelka
Michael Bigelow

David Pfanenstiel

Sue Brock-Utne

Rich Cano

2007 - 5th Annual Golf Tournament

The 5th Annual Anesthesia Golf Tournament was held on the 20th May 2007 at the Stanford University Golf Club. We had 24 players. The sun shone, the wind blew and we had a good afternoon of golf. The format was as always a scramble, meaning that all 4 players tee off and the best ball is selected. All 4 players then hit (no kicking allowed) from that position. The best ball is then selected and all 4 players then hit or putt from that position etc. until the ball is holed out. Every team must use at least 3 drives from each of the 4 players. The winning team consisted of Scott Rudy (previous chief resident 05-06 now in private practice in Palo Alto, Mark Pratt ( a friend and clinical psychologist in Palo Alto) Peter Barelka (CA 3 resident) and Michael Bigelow (resident 99 to 02 and now in private practice in Seton in San Francisc). Michael has attended all the previous golf tournaments. They had a whooping 60. 2nd place with a score of 65 was Jen and Todd Marcus, Ivar Brock-Utne and Chris Thu. Jen and Chris are chief residents this year while Todd is Jen’s better half. The longest drive for men was won by David Pfanenstiel (a friend of Rich Cano, CA1)) who hit a 254 yard drive on the 12th hole. The longest drive for women was won by Sue Brock-Utne and the closest to the pin was Rich Cano (CA 1) on the 8th hole.

After the round we all enjoyed drinks and a lot of different snacks on the patio near the 18th green and prizes were handed out. We had a great time and if you are interested in playing next year, please let me know.

John Brock-Utne
Deputy Greens Keeper

2006 - 4th Annual Golf Tournament

Sunday 30th April 2006 a total of 20 people associated with the department in some way or another carried their golf clubs onto the Stanford Golf course. I had a lot of enquires this year and managed to accommodate most. One person who wanted to bring his dog with his own golf club was rejected. There is no prize for guessing the identity of that Attending. As it turned out, the weather was fantastic after so much rain. The course was at times difficult, since the rough was very rough. One person had to have a pit stop for more golf balls. The format of this so-called tournament is a scramble. The 5 teams of 4 players were randomly selected with a computer program specially designed for this purpose. Every team had to use at least 3 drives from each of the 4 players. All players therefore teed off, and the best ball was selected. All the players then hit or putted from that position until the ball was holed out. In other words, there was very little pressure on individual players. The winning team—with a score of 65—was Dr. Stephen King, his wife Diane, Dr. Barry Waddell (a previous chief resident, who won the first tournament in 2002) and Dr. Jen Eng (the transitional internship program director at the Valley). Since the par for the course is 71, they shot 6 under. Second place went to Dr. Scott Rudy (this year’s chief resident and who had won this tournament 2 times before), Dr. Michael Bigelow (a previous resident who has been to every tournament), Ivar Brock-Utne (youngest son) and ego, with a score of 66. Longest drive went to Scott, while Dr. Sherma Zacharias (ICU fellow) won the longest drive for the women. Sue Brock-Utne got closest to the pin on the 8th hole. After everyone had finished playing (we started at 10 min. intervals from 1:40 pm), we assembled on the patio overlooking the 18th green. The prizegiving was the usual chaos, but everyone who should have gotten a prize got one. Foods and drinks were provided and the company became more and more lively. Our thanks for the generous donation towards part of the expenses goes to ESP Pharma. So let’s hope we can do this again next year. Sharpen your clubs and bring more balls than you think you need and we will whack our way around the course once again…

John Brock-Utne
Deputy Greens Keeper

2005 - 3rd Annual Golf Tournament

On Sunday, 24 April 2005, 19 golfers of varying calibers entered the Stanford Golf Course to play in the 3rd Stanford Anesthesia Golf Tournament. The weather was overcast at the start but the sun came out and it was a very pleasant day. The format was a scramble. Anyone who plays golf knows that a scramble means very little pressure. There were five teams competing and each team had four players.
The winning team consisted of Scott Rudy, (entering 3rd year resident) David Gaba, Deanna Mann and John Brock-Utne. The longest drive was won by Sue Brock-Utne on the 18 hole. The closest to the pin, on the 8th, was won by Michael Champeau, who was showing his son, Andrew, how this game is played. Well done, Michael. A prize-giving session was held afterwards under the trees overlooking the 18th green. Light refreshments were served and we all had a good time. Other participants were Peter Barelka, Mike Bigelow and a friend of his called Mark, Nate Simon, Mark Singleton and a colleague named Crane Charters (former Chief of Surgery at Santa Clara Valley Medical Center), Zed Reagan, Fred Mihm, Arne Brock-Utne, Pieter van der Starre, Barry and Tracy Waddell. The 4th annual tournament will be held in spring of 2006. It will be open to staff, fellows, residents and ALUMNI with significant others. In January/February 2006 more information will be available as to time and date. So get practicing! I know I need to! As they say in the golfing circles: See you in the short grass. Whatever that means!

John Brock-Utne
Deputy Greens Keeper

2004 - 2nd Annual Golf Tournament

On Sunday May 4, 2004, 20 "golf veterans" and/or "golf warriors" entered the Stanford Golf Course to play in the 2nd Stanford Anesthesia Golf Tournament. The format was a scramble. This is a game where all 4 players hit off. After all players have hit their ball, the best ball is selected, which is generally the longest hit or best positioned on the fairway. However, at one point, our team found that our best ball was behind a cement wallŠ We are not telling where the other balls were on that particular hole. Other teams told stories of trees, rabbit holes and a horseŠ. After the best ball is selected, everyone hits his or her own ball from this position. The best ball is selected again etc., etc. until the ball is put into the hole.

The 20 players were randomly selected into five groups by a computer randomization program without taking into account the individual handicaps. The handicaps ranged from 6 to 38. The participants represented the whole spectrum of the department, including friends and family. It was a very hot day and when the round was completed, there were many thirsty souls on the terrace overlooking the 18th green. Refreshments were served and hilarious and tragic stories were exchanged while the liquid flowed. The winning group, with a score of 68, 3 under par, consisted of Pieter van der Starre and his wife Annet, Scott Rudy (resident), Ivar Brock-Utne (family). Ivar Brock-Utne, who muttered something as he smacked the ball 280 yards, won the longest drive. The prize for the closest to the pin (7 feet 9 inches) on the 8th hole went to Joshua Sun (Kelly Yen's husband). The other participants were: Tim Angelotti (faculty), Barry (chief resident) and Tracy Waddell, Kelly Yeh ( residents), Mark Jamison ( alumni), Zed Reagan (resident), John Lunsford (friend), Fred Mihm (faculty), John (alumni) and Mrs. Kelley, Mike Champeau (alumni), Sue Brock-Utne (family), Paul Kennedy (friend) and Kevin Wheaton (alumni).

John Brock-Utne
Deputy Greens Keeper

2003 - 1st Annual Golf Tournament

0n June 15, 2003, 16 weekend warriors entered the Stanford Golf Course to play in the first Stanford Anesthesia Golf Tournament. This excellent idea was Deanna Mann's (Dr. David Gaba's wife) and the format was a scramble, hence there was very little pressure. The handicaps of the golfers ranged from 5 to 38. I heard one player in a group muttering that he had not lifted a golf club in over 10 years. We could all tell by the end of the first hole that it was true. It was a hot day and when the round was completed, there were many thirsty souls on the terrace overlooking the 18th green. Refreshments were served, and wild and wonderful stories were exchanged. One person told us: " I was in the low 70's until I got to the 5th hole". Prizes were given to the winners. The winning group consisted of Barry Waddell (1st year resident), Kelly Yeh (2nd year resident) and Joshua Sun (Kelly's husband). The 4th player had to leave after 10 holes and we are not privy as to why. The longest drive was won by Fred Mihm (faculty) on the 18th hole with a massive 290 yards. According to him this was even more remarkable as he claimed he had a 150-mile/hour head wind at the time he struck the ball. The prize for closest to the pin (the 8) was won by Sue Brock-Utne. (2 feet and 4 inches). The other departmental warriors who participated were: Drs. Tim Angelotti, Arne Brock-Utne, Bill Feaster, David Gaba, Alex Macario, Pieter van der Starre, plus Deanna Mann and Annèt van der Starre.

John Brock-Utne, M.D.

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