Anesthesiology, Perioperative and Pain Medicine

Intensive Lecture Schedule

CA-1 Introduction to Anesthesia Lecture Series - Sample Schedule

The lectures are to be held at the Stanford Department of Anesthesia Conference Room at 4:30pm. The Basics of Anesthesia 4th ed (2000) by R.K. Stoelting and R.D. Miller is the reference text for these lectures. Please be prepared by reading the assigned chapters prior to the lectures.

Date Title Lecturer Chapter
July 10 Basics of Professional Conduct/Tips Dr. J. Brock-Utne ---
July 11 Preoperative Evaluation and Choice Of Anesthetic Technique Dr. S. Fischer 9
July 12 Anesthesia Systems Dr. R. Jaffe 11
July 17 Positioning and Associated Risks Dr. D. Drover 15
July 18

Autonomic Nervous System

Problem-Based Learning Discussion

Dr. G. Lighthall

Dr. A. Adriano

July 19 Pharmacologic Principles Dr. S. Shafer 2
July 24 Inhalational Anesthetics Dr. S. Shafer 4
July 25

Intravenous Anesthetics and Opioids

Problem-Based Learning Discussion

Dr. S. Shafer

Dr. A. Adriano

5, 6
July 26 Local Anesthetics Dr. D. Horstman 7
July 31 Spinal and Epidural Anesthesia Dr. J. Collins 13
Aug 1

Airway Management and Tracheal Intubation

Problem-Based Learning Discussion

Dr. J. Collins

Dr. A. Adriano

Aug 2 Introperative Monitoring Dr. T. Angelotti 16
Aug 8

Neuromuscular Blocking Agents

Problem-Based Learning Discussion

Dr. J. Brock-Utne

Dr. A. Adriano


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