CASP Application



The two-week Clinical Anatomy Summer Program is for high school and undergraduate pre-med students considering careers in procedure-based medical fields, such as surgery, dental surgery, EMTs/paramedics, and nursing. It may also be of interest to students who intend to study biomedical engineering, occupational or physical therapy, sports medicine, medical education or other health-related fields. Students must be age 15 or older at the time of the program to apply. Students do not need to be US citizens to apply.

How to Apply

Application Deadline: March 13, 2020

Application fee: $25 (Due at the time of application)

Course fee: $4,250 (Non-refundable)
Upon notification of acceptance, the full course fee is due by April 17 to ensure a place in the program.  A limited amount of financial assistance may be available for those in need.  

Application Requirements: Students will be asked to provide a short essay and one letter of recommendation.

After Applying

Notification of acceptance will be sent via email on April 3, 2020.

Additional Requirements after Acceptance: Once accepted, students will be required to submit parental consent and complete  several online trainings and forms.


If you have questions regarding the application, email or call 650-725-6624.