Willed Body Donation Program


 Anatomy teaches diligence, patience, respect and has instilled in me an even deeper sense of the remarkable nature of the human body.
This was an experience that will stay with me the rest of my life. I hope I can pay the donors back for their generosity by becoming the best physician I can be.




Information for Donors

How The Program Works

Once you register to become a donor to the Willed (Whole) Body Program, Stanford’s Division of Clinical Anatomy will keep your name and contact information on file. Upon your death, a caregiver or family member must contact us right away (within 24 hours of death). We take calls 24 hours/day, every day of the year. We will arrange for a funeral home to transport your body to Stanford Medical School, where it may be used to teach students about the structure of the human body, and for furthering medical and scientific knowledge.

Immediately following the study of the body, we will arrange for cremation. (The study period may range from one month to two years, but it is typically about a year in duration.) At the time of donation, your family will be asked to specify whether they wish for the cremated remains to be returned or whether they would like us to arrange for interment. Our faculty, students, and staff are very grateful for the kindness our donors have extended, and bodies are treated with the greatest respect while in our care.



Email us at anatomy@stanford.edu or call us at 650-725-6624.