Clinical Anatomy Courses

The Division of Clinical Anatomy offers a growing array of for-credit courses to students matriculated at Stanford, from foundational requirements for degree programs to engaging electives that connect the study of human anatomy to nearly every medical discipline.

Dr. Ian Whitmore teaches the dissection-based SURG 203 for medical students.

The following is a list of many of the courses offered by the Division of Clinical Anatomy. Not all courses are offered every year, and some are still being planned for the future.

See the School of Medicine Course Catalog for details.

Medical Student Courses

Open to medical students only.

  • Clinical Anatomy
    Lecture and lab. Emphasis is placed on the clinical significance of the structures and processes of each region of the body. The course includes a complete dissection of the human body. (SURG 203A -fall; SURG 203B, head & neck-winter)
  • Imaging Anatomy
    Elective. Introduces medical imaging techniques and concepts of cross-sectional anatomy. Designed to be taken together with SURG 203, course content correlates to topics covered each week in dissection lab sessions. (SURG 251 A & B)
  • Operative Anatomy
    Elective open to medical students pursuing an interest in surgery. (SURG 254)
  • Clinical Anatomy Surgical Education Series (CASES)
    This advanced surgery course is for medical students pursuing an interest in surgery.  (SURG 256) Prerequisite: Operative Anatomy
  • Bedside Anatomy
    Elective open to medical students; anatomy for the clinical setting, taught through case vignettes. (SURG 252)
  • Practice of Medicine (POM)
    Anatomy contributes components to this integrated med school course.

Medical School Courses

Open to med students, as well as grad students and undergrads, space permitting and with instructor's permission.

  • Medical Device Design/Artificial Anatomy
    Study of the design and engineering of prostheses and other medical devices.
    (ME 294)
  • 3D Biomedical Visualization: Techniques, Methods, and Applications
    (SURG 290)
  • Art and Anatomy: Studio Art (SURG 242)
  • Art and Anatomy: Performance Art (in development)
  • General Surgery Core Clerkship (Anatomy rotation) (SURG 300A)
  • Individual Work—Human Anatomy (SURG 296)

Undergraduate Courses

Open to undergraduates only.

  • A Regional Study of Human Structure
    The morphology of the trunk and extremities. Learn through lectures in regional anatomy and a dissection of the human body. Restricted to Senior undergraduate and graduate students. (SURG 101)
  • Head and Neck Anatomy (SURG 101A - open to students who have completed SURG 101)
  • Anatomy for Bioengineers
    Lecture and Lab (BioE 51)
  • Virtual and Real: Human Anatomy and Sports Injuries (SURG 100)

Introductory Seminars

  • Anatomy in Society (SURG 72Q)

Special & Custom Courses

  • Stanford/Foothill College Physician's Assistant (PA) Program
  • Custom Anatomy Course 
  • Discovering Anatomy 3-hour introductory course session for members of the community pursuing an interest in anatomy (demos & lab tour)
  • Individualized tutorials For non-Stanford students from other local schools (usually three 2-hour sessions) 
  • Custom courses for other groups of learners, varying lengths  (e.g. high school group visits)
  • Support Surgery Residency labs
  • Support for courses offered by other Divisions and Departments (usually resident-level)

Right: Dr. Bruce Fogel teaches Discovering Anatomy

Course Series Being Developed

  • Osteology Series, Part 1: Introductory Osteology
  • Osteology Series, Part 2: Joints and Muscles
  • Osteology Series, Part 3: Neurocontrol of Movement

Summer Programs

  • Surgical Anatomy for High School and Pre-Med Students Two-Week Course