Jun 6 - Jun 9
Thu - Sun

Stanford Medicine Sierra Camp Weekend

For the eleventh year, SMAA will host a weekend at Stanford's Sierra Camp at Fallen Leaf Lake. Camp is always a very special annual weekend full of relaxation, great food, and outstanding activities! Everything from hiking, star gazing, swimming, boating, photography, art, nature walks, to wonderful talks and discussions with fellow alumni and friends. Don't miss it!

The Pre-registration lottery for Sierra Camp is now closed. 


Registration process for Sierra Camp

How do I sign up?
This year we will have a two-step process. You MUST register for the Pre-Registration Lottery from February 4 to February 25. All groups in the lottery will be assigned a lottery priority number through a random numbering process which will be used to assign available spaces.  If you are among those who secure a space, you will be informed on Friday, March 1 and then will have until Friday, March 15 to pay your fees and confirm your attendance.

Why must I enter my name into a lottery instead of just registering on a first-come, first-served basis?
The Stanford Medicine alumni week-end is our most popular activity for alumni and their families; it consistently sells out. Over the years, we have reached capacity in a matter of weeks, days, and last year in just 22 minutes.  It was clear that if you were not on the computer the minute registration opened, you may not secure a space. As many of our alumni live in different time zones across the US, or have a variety of work schedules, this “concert ticket” model did not give everyone the same opportunity to register. With a lottery system, any alumnus who is interested can have an equal chance at securing a space.

How does the lottery work?
All interested families will register their name(s) and size of party between February 4- February 25. IF YOU HAVE NOT REGISTERED FOR THE PRE-REGISTRATION LOTTERY, YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO SECURE A SPACE. Once the lottery registration is complete, all groups will be assigned a random number via a “blind” computer generated process. The lowest number will be assigned camp spaces corresponding to group size, then the group with the next number in the sequence will be added, etc. until all 180 spaces have been filled. On Friday, March 1, each group will be notified if they have obtained a reserved spot and must confirm that reservation via payment (at that time they will also state any diet restrictions, cabin preferences, and activity choices as has been the registration process in the past) by Friday, March 15. Any group not assigned in this process will be informed that they are on the wait list. If an assigned family chooses not to attend camp this year, the next family on the wait list will be offered their space.

What are my chances of getting in?
Given the number of families who have applied for camp in the past, we believe that in this first year about 90% or more of lottery registrations will secure a place at camp for 2019.

When can I sign up for the lottery?
The date to sign-up for the lottery begins on Monday, February 4. We will distribute an email to all names in our database and include a link to the lottery sign-up. Or you can visit the Stanford Medicine Alumni website at med.stanford.edu/alumni.  We will have a link available on the main web page.

How many guests can I bring with me to camp?
Maximum guests per alumnus is 5 family members (plus alum = 6 total)

What should I know before I sign-up for the lottery?
The names of those who will be attending in your party and ages for children under 13.  Names of each guest must be known before submission.  Submissions with any incomplete information (Name unknown or TBD) will be ineligible to enter the lottery.

Once I submit my name and my guest’s name, what should I expect?

Once you submit your name and guests names, you will receive a confirmation that you are entered in the lottery. On Friday, March 1 you will be notified via email if you have secured a space. You have 2 weeks to confirm that space with your deposit. If we have not heard from you within the two weeks, we will offer your space to the next family on the wait list.

How many times can I submit my name into the lottery?
One entry is allowed for each Stanford Medicine alumnus family group.  You cannot be entered in the lottery more than once.

My spouse is also an alum.  Can they submit their name into the lottery?
Yes, if your immediate family group is larger than 6, your spouse may draw as well.  However, if you want to draw together for a larger family group, you must indicate that on your initial registration and you will draw as ONE family. You will only get one space allotment for the total number of people in your combined group. You and your spouse cannot draw separately, and then combine your placement later. If you and your spouse draw separately there is the possibility that one of you would obtain a space for your group and the other would not.

I want to ensure that both my family and my alumnus buddy’s family both will be at camp. Can we draw together?
Yes, a maximum of TWO families (or two alums within one family) can enter the lottery as one group. This group must still meet the requirement of no more than 5 family members per one alum. The combined group will enter the lottery as one large group. Caution: If attending camp is important to you, we recommend you go into the lottery with a single family group as your chances of getting in will be better than trying to accommodate a large combined group. (for example, Family X has 5 people and Family Y has 4 people, and they want to draw together. They have 9 people in their combined group. When their number comes up there are only 5 spots left at camp. Even though we could fit one or the other family, the whole group would be eliminated. The next family group number in the sequence would now be eligible for the final 5 or less spots. This goes on until all slots are filled. )

When is the last day I can submit my name into the lottery?
Last day to submit names into the lottery is Monday, February 25, 2019.

When will I know if my name was chosen to register?
We will let the primary Stanford Medicine alum know by email on Friday, March 1.

If my name was not chosen will my wait list status be carried over to the next year?
No, once camp has occurred, all wait lists will become void.