Elizabeth & Rotendo



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Photos by Nigel Sanders-Self

Video Interviews

Interviews were conducted at Seke North and St. Mary's Clinics in Chitungwiza, Harare.

Elizabeth and Rotendo discuss how they became involved with the ZAPP program and how the experience of testing changed their lives and gave them great inspiration to get involved and help other mothers in Chitungwiza. They are now peer counselors and were originally two of the founders of the Batanai Support Group.

Samuel has started his own support group for men, a rare and courageous act, considering many of the clinics are created primarily for women. Samuel and his support group hope to encourage more men to get tested at the clinics, and to support their wives in the process.

The final interview is with Sostain a counselor who works with the Zimbabwe AIDS Prevention Program in Harare. Sostain discusses the setup of the clinics in and around Harare, and also explains the type of courage it takes for men to participate with the program.


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