XV International AIDS Conference

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Bangkok, Thailand - 11-16 July 2004


Non-AIDS serious adverse events are as important as AIDS events in patients with advanced multi-drug resistant HIV disease
Authors - S T Brown , J Singer , A Anis, T C Kyriakides, W Cameron, M Holodniy, B J Angus, A Babiker, K Swanson, H Sun
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Morbidity in the first four months in patients on generic highly active antiretroviral therapy(HAART) in Zimbabwe
Authors - Kadzirange G, Zijenah LS, Kufa T, Battacharaya D, Chirenje MZ, Tobaiwa O, Maponga C, Katzenstein D
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Interrupting Antiretroviral Therapy (ART) using CD4+ T-cell counts < 350/mm 3 to restart ART (ACTG A5102).
Autthors - D Katzenstein, K Henry, P Tebas, D Cherng, J Schmitz H Valdez, N Jahed, M Vargas, L Myers, and WG Powderly for the A5102 team
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Immunologic and virologic responses to generic highly active antiretroviral therapy of patients with single dose nevirapine or short course AZT pre-exposure, in Zimbabwe.
Authors - Lynn S. Zijenah , G. Kadzirange, O. Tobaiwa, T. Kufa, E. Matsikire , S. Moyo , D. Bhattacharaya, C. Maponga, N. Gonah , ZM. Chirenje, DA. Katzenstein
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Baseline Characteristics, Antiretroviral Resistance Profileand Clinical Events In The Optima Trial:A Preliminary Report
Authors - M Holodniy, B. Angus, S. Brown, A. Babiker, W. Cameron, B. Gazzard, T. Kyriakides, J. Singer, M. Youle, for OPTIMA Study Team
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Baseline Antiretroviral Resistance Profile and Correlation with Clinical Events in the OPTIMA Trial:
Authors - M Holodniy, J. Singer, R. Woods, R. Harrigan, S. Brown, W. Cameron, T. Kyriakides, B. Angus for OPTIMA Study Team
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Association Driven Care and Treatment: An Innovative Model for Delivery of HIV / AIDS Healthcare in resource-limited settings
Authors - F Ndayishimiye ,  S G Kassaye, M Zemene, M Touhon, M Somda, L Salembere, I Tiendrebeogo, Y Gouna, R Machekano DM Israelski 
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Tenofovir-containing regimens in clinical practice: virologic and immunologic responses and RT gene mutations
Authors – D Bhattacharya, R Machekano, D Israelski, R Shafer, D Katzenstein
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Detection of HIV-1 RNA in Breast Milk from Subtype C HIV-1 infected women after single dose Nevirapine (NVP)
Authors - Esther Lee, Lorine Tanimoto, Elizabeth Johnston, Rainer Ziermann, Patrick Mateta, Lynn Zijenah, Yvonne Maldonado and David Katzenstein
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HIV-1 protease and RT mutations according to subtype and antiretroviral therapy: A watch list for epidemiologic studies using a web-based application
Authors -
R Kantor, D Katzenstein, S Y Rhee, A P Carvalho, B Wynhoven, M A Soares, P Cane, J Clarke, J Snoeck, S Sirivichayakul, K Ariyoshi, A Holguin , C Pillay , H Rudich , R Rodrigues, M B Bouzas, P Cahn, L Brigido , Z Grossman, L Morris, V Soriano, W Sugiura, P Phanuphak, A M Vandamme, J Weber 6, D Pillay, A Tanuri, P R Harrigan, R Camacho 2, M Schapiro, R W Shafer 1
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