Mentoring Skills Workshops

The Mentoring Skills workshops are designed to enhance participants effectiveness in mentoring students. Designed as a three-part series, each session introduces new content while building on the previous session's learnings to support participants' development as mentors.

Mentoring Skills Workshop Series

Session One: Introduction to Mentoring and Giving Feedback

Learning Objectives: Be aware of the characteristics of a good mentor; know the responsibilities of a mentor; know the responsibilities of a mentee; understand the principles of giving feedback; be able to apply a model of feedback in a mentoring relationship

Session Two: Relationship Management, Communication and Resolving Challenges

Learning Objectives: Understand the components of Emotional Intelligence (EI); realize how you can enhance your EI to improve your mentoring; realize the importance of self-reflection for effective mentoring; know essential communication skills to enhance your mentoring abilities; be able to reflect on mentoring challenges to improve your ability to mentor

Session Three: Diversity, Bias and Elements of Good Mentoring

Learning Objectives: Be able to acknowledge that bias is inherent in our perspectives. Understand the concept of stereotype threat and methods for reducing it; be able to recognize the importance of self-reflection as a method for understanding one's own biases; be able to list strategies to mitigate our bias; understand more about yourself with respect to your cultural awareness and your own biases

For a more detailed overview of Mentoring Skills Workshop Content, view the Mentoring Skills Workshop Overview download here. 

Summer Feedback Workshop

Tuesday, June 19


Alway M112

Coffee & pastries will be served

Workshop Facilitators

Lars Osterberg, MD, MPH

Faculty Co-Director, Teaching and Mentoring Academy

Christine Schirmer, EdD

Administrative Director, Teaching and Mentoring Academy