Mentoring Skills Workshops

The Mentoring Skills workshops are designed to enhance participants effectiveness in mentoring students. Designed as a three-part series, each session introduces new content while building on the previous session's learnings to support participants' development as mentors.

Mentoring Skills Workshop Series

Session One: Introduction to Mentoring and Giving Feedback

Learning Objectives: Be aware of the characteristics of a good mentor; know the responsibilities of a mentor; know the responsibilities of a mentee; understand the principles of giving feedback; be able to apply a model of feedback in a mentoring relationship

Session Two: Relationship Management, Communication and Resolving Challenges

Learning Objectives: Understand the components of Emotional Intelligence (EI); realize how you can enhance your EI to improve your mentoring; realize the importance of self-reflection for effective mentoring; know essential communication skills to enhance your mentoring abilities; be able to reflect on mentoring challenges to improve your ability to mentor

Session Three: Mentoring Across Generational Difference

Learning Objectives: Describe the mentoring relationship continuum; mentor effectively across generations; adjust your feedback to different communication styles; give effective feedback in challenging situations

Fall Quarter Series

Tuesdays, September 10th, 17th and 24th


LKSC 208

Winter Quarter Series

Tuesdays 14th and 21st


LKSC 208

Spring Quarter Series

Tuesdays, April 7th, 14th and 21st


LKSC 208

Workshop Facilitators

Lars Osterberg, MD, MPH

Faculty Co-Director, Teaching and Mentoring Academy

Christine Schirmer, EdD

Administrative Director, Teaching and Mentoring Academy