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Stanford Medicine Teaching and Mentoring Academy

The Stanford Medicine Teaching and Mentoring Academy is an inclusive, school-wide entity available to all those who teach and mentor our trainees – MD students, PhD students, residents, fellows, postdoctoral scholars and faculty. The Academy is a unique organization that spans the spectrum of education and advances the mission of the School of Medicine at all levels including education, research, and clinical care.

Academy Announcements

The TMA Innovation Grants program has been suspended until further notice for the 2020-2021 academic year.

Medical & Bioscience Education Series

The Teaching & Mentoring Academy in collaboration with The Office of Faculty Development and Diversity

Professional Cultures, Turf Wars, and How to Navigate Them Effectively
Though we realize that a surgeon is different than an internist, we often underappreciate how much professional cultural differences affect our interactions and perceptions. Humans have an innate tendency to form social groups, which can have distinct ways of thinking, speaking, dressing, and interacting. Effectively navigating these medical microcultures is critical for effective communication, collaboration, and ultimately achieving shared interests, such as taking better care of patients. In this talk, I will share lessons and approaches I've learned from studying hundreds of physicians across practices and specialties as a medical anthropologist.

Eric Keller, MD

Resident Physician Radiology, Stanford Medicine

Event Postponed to October 10, 2020

4th Annual Medical & Bioscience Education Day / SIMEC V
More details to follow

Clinical Teaching Skills Seminar

The Clinical Teaching Seminar Series (CTSS) is a year-long faculty development program in medical education, designed to introduce clinical educators to fundamental concepts in education. The seminars are high-yield, relevant, and interactive, providing practical tips for bedside teaching, curriculum development, and education research. Monthly seminars cover qualitative survey data analysis, quantitative methods for medical education, narrative medicine, teaching methods, feedback, learner assessment and EPA's, and dissemination strategies in medical education. More information available at the seminar website here

Teaching and Mentoring Academy Programs

  • Medical & Bioscience Education Seminar Series

    The Teaching and Mentoring Academy's Medical & Bioscience Education Seminar Series (formerly the Medical Education Seminar Series) offers monthly seminars during the academic year. Our goal is to provide presentations to the SoM community on topics focused on improving instruction or mentoring, innovating in instructional delivery, or educational scholarship. Seminar dates and topics are available here

    Mentoring Skills Workshop Series

    The Mentoring Skills workshops are designed to enhance participants effectiveness in mentoring students. Designed as a three-part series, each session introduces new content while building on the previous session's learnings to support participants' development as mentors. Dates for the AY 2019-2020 workshops are available here.



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Our Mission Statement

The Stanford Medicine Teaching and Mentoring Academy promotes excellence in teaching and mentoring by developing, supporting, and recognizing dedicated educators to ensure world-class training for the next generation of physicians, researchers, and educators.


The Teaching and Mentoring Academy will help us to enhance the excellence of teaching and mentoring across the School of Medicine and recognize the critical contributions made each day by all those involved in the education of our students and trainees.


Lloyd B. Minor

Dean of the Stanford University School of Medicine