Visiting Postdoctoral Scholars

Members of the Professoriate may invite individuals who are postdoctoral scholars appointed at another institution or organization to visit Stanford for an extended period for the purpose of advanced studies, research or training under the guidance of a Stanford faculty sponsor. 

Visiting Postdoctoral Scholar appointments are unpaid and can be made for up to one year although the usual duration of the visit is expected to be shorter.

International Visiting Postdoctoral Scholars must have an appropriate form of visa sponsorship prior to their visit.


The following are the minimum eligibility criteria for a Visiting Postdoctoral Scholar designation at Stanford University: 

  • The individual must be visiting from and hold postdoctoral status with an outside institution or organization
  • The individual must have a doctoral or MD degree
  • The individual must show their source of financial support
  • The individual will receive no Stanford salary, financial support, or benefits


Proof of Funding - NEW!

Important: independent proof of funding must be provided in an amount equal to or greater than the current first-year postdoctoral stipend:

$53,406/year or $4450/month starting October 1, 2017

$60,000/year or $5000/month starting September 1, 2018

Acceptable proof of funding: letter from employer, scholarship committee, bank, or funding agency; bank statement.

Unacceptable: J-1 Funding Attestation Form, letter/email from candidate.

Required Documents

  1. Checklist
  2. Visiting Postdoctoral Scholar Appointment Form
  3. CV
  4. Draft Letter of Invitation
  5. Source of financial support (required amount listed above)
  6. J-1 visa information (if applicable)

- Submit appointments as one complete PDF to OAA -