Promotion to Professor in the University Tenure Line

  • In assessing whether a candidate has met the criteria of being one of the very best in a broadly defined field, judgments are informed by such considerations as whether the candidate is performing the kind of innovative, cutting-edge research on important questions in the field that breaks new ground, changes the way the field is viewed, broadens our understanding of the field, or opens up new methods or new areas of investigation, and thereby has the fundamental impact on the field that is expected from the very best scholars in the field.   
  • Factors considered in assessing research performance include (but are not limited to) the following:  scholarly activity and productivity; impact, innovation and creativity; recognition in the field; ability to work effectively as part of a research team; effective communication with colleagues, staff and students; and professionalism, institutional compliance and ethics.
  • Investigative independence is expected since it can be a useful marker of substantive scholarly contributions.  It is anticipated that, in many cases, faculty members promoted to Professor will have a record of external funding, which is often viewed as an indicator of how the work is regarded in the field and may likewise be relevant to an assessment of the ability of a faculty member to carry out an excellent program of scholarly activity.