Lecturers and Senior Lecturers


Lecturers are not appointed often in the School of Medicine. They are:

  • individuals who perform a significant amount of the regular instruction with continuing programmatic need in departments and programs;
  • persons of special expertise or scholarly distinction either in the local community or on the nonteaching University staff who are asked on an occasional basis to give a course or part of a course in their special fields;
  • individuals who are employed to meet specific departmental needs created by faculty leaves or unanticipated student load.

The title of Senior Lecturer is associated with a demonstrably higher level of responsibility and teaching excellence than that of a Lecturer, rather than with seniority or longevity.

Appointing and Reappointing Lecturers and Senior Lecturers

To appoint, reappoint or promote a Lecturer or to appoint or reappoint a Senior Lecturer, submit the required documentation to the Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs.

Note: from the School of Medicine Faculty Handbook: " Promotion to the rank of Senior Lecturer is possible when the needs of the program meet the criteria as determined by a review committee of up to six members, at least three of whom are Academic Council members."

  • Appointment Form ("Green Form") doc - Application for appointment, reappointment, or promotion of Lecturers or appointment or reappointment of Senior Lecturers - print on green paper.

Paid Lecturers:

Unpaid Lecturers:

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