Reappointing Acting Faculty

Generally, Acting appointments should not exceed one year.  Rare circumstances may necessitate a reappointment, due to delays in the Professoriate appointment or other issues.  Prior approval from the Vice Dean should be obtained before submitting a reappointment request.

Step by Step Process

  1. Submit the acting appointment request to the Office of Academic Affairs:
  • Acting Reappointment: Checklist doc
  • Transmittal memo:
    • From Department Chair to Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
    • Explains exceptional circumstances necessitating reappointment
    • Indicates when Professoriate appointment long form wil be submitted to OAA for review
  • Recommendation for Appointment Form (“Green Formdoc)
    • Signed by Department Chair
    • Indicate start and end dates, up to a period of one year, for the reappointment
    • Indicate original acting appointment term start and end dates
  1. OAA staff reviews/edits reappointment request
  2. If successful, OAA notifies the department by email of the approval and appointment terms, and later sends the reappointment letter to the department by interoffice mail.

Acting Reappointment: Checklist

REAPPOINTMENT:  Acting Faculty

Note:  Acting Faculty reappointments are strongly discouraged.  The reappointment package must include a compelling reason for the delay in the Professoriate appointment and an estimation of when the draft appointment long form will be submitted.


                ___ 1     Transmittal memo (with explanation of delay and estimated date for long form)
                ___ 2     Recommendation for Appointment Form (“Green Form”)

We cannot review incomplete packages. If a checklist item doesn’t apply, please submit a written explanation.


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