Appointing Acting Faculty

Acting appointments are no longer granted on a routine basis by the School of Medicine. Please do not submit an acting appointment request without prior approval from the Office of Academic Affairs.

Search Report, Offer Letter, and Salary

No separate offer letter is required, as the Acting appointment is generally referenced in the Professoriate offer letter.  Salary is expected to be the same as that proposed for the Professoriate appointment.  Exceptions must be approved by Faculty Compensation.

Step by Step Process

  1. Submit the acting appointment request to the Office of Academic Affairs:
  • Acting Appointment: Checklist doc
  • Recommendation for Appointment Form (“Green Form doc”)
    • Signed by Department Chair
    • Indicate start and end dates, up to a period of one year, for the Acting appointment
  • Candidate's curriculum vitae (CV) and bibliography
  • If the long form has been submitted (in draft or final form), referee letters are not required for this action.
  • Referee letters:
    • Three for Assistant Professors
    • The minimum number of required external letters for the long form for Associate Professors or Professors
    • Note: Letters obtained by the Search Committee or submitted by the candidate (for new Assistant Professor appointments) will suffice, provided they address the candidate’s qualifications in relation to the job criteria.
  1. OAA staff reviews/edits Acting Appointment package after reviewing and approving Search Report and Draft Offer Letter package
  2. OAA assigns a billet number (different from the billet number for the Professoriate appointment)
  3. If successful, OAA notifies the department by email of the approval, appointment terms and billet number, and later sends the appointment letter to the department by interoffice mail.

Acting Appointment Checklistdoc

APPOINTMENT:  Acting Faculty

Appointment for:


Requested Start Date:






Recommendation for Appointment Form (“Green Form”)



Candidate’s Curriculum Vitae

  • If the long form has been submitted to OAA (draft or final), check this box and stop here.
  • If requesting an Acting Assistant Professor appointment, and the three referee letters have already been submitted with the search or offer, check this box and stop here.



Referee Letters



___Three for Assistant Professors



___ All received letters for Associate Professors and Professors (at least the minimum number of external letters required for the long form)

____ 4

Search Report

___ Search report already approved by OAA
___ Search report submitted with this Acting request
___ Waiver of search approved by Provost

____ 5

Draft Offer Letter

___ Draft offer letter already approved by OAA
___ Draft offer letter package submitted with this Acting request

We cannot review incomplete packages. If a checklist item doesn’t apply, please submit a written explanation.

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