Other Teaching Titles


Scholarly activities that advance clinical medicine

The academic title and classification of Instructor was established to acknowledge individuals who demonstrate interest in and the potential for a successful academic career in investigation, teaching, and clinical care (as applicable), and to aid in the transition from training to a path that may lead to a faculty career in academic medicine.

Adjunct Clinical Faculty

Physicians in practice supporting the teaching mission

The Adjunct Clinical Faculty (ACF) consists of physicians and certain other health professionals appointed by the department chairs in clinical departments for the purpose of participation on a voluntary, unpaid, part-time basis in the academic programs of the departments, usually in the role of teacher. 

Lecturers and Senior Lecturers

Supporting the Teaching Mission

The title of Lecturer is used for individuals who perform a significant amount of the regular instruction with continuing programmatic need in departments and programs; for persons of special expertise or scholarly distinction either in the local community or on the nonteaching University staff who are asked on an occasional basis to give a course or part of a course in their special fields; and for individuals who are employed to meet specific departmental needs created by faculty leaves or unanticipated student load.

Emeritus Faculty

Recalled to active duty

An emeritus or emerita faculty member may be recalled to active service, with or without pay, on either a partial or a full-time appointment for a period of up to one year, subject to renewal. Availability for recall may depend on whether, and when, the faculty member has participated in the Faculty Retirement Incentive Program (FRIP).