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Guide to Faculty Searches

VI. Things to Know Before Initiating a Search

B. Conditions

1. Length of Initial Search Authorization

Upon approval, searches are authorized for a period of twelve months.

2. Extension of a Search

Once a candidate has been identified, the search period may in general extend as long as necessary (normally up to three months) in order to conclude negotiations with that candidate. If negotiations with that candidate fail and the twelve-month period expires, the department must seek the approval of the Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs for the search to be renewed or a new search to be initiated.

3. Search Terminations and Reinitiations

If a candidate for the position has not been identified within twelve months of the date of approval by the Office of Academic Affairs, the authorization for the faculty position and the search are terminated.

If the department chair wishes to reinitiate the search, the necessary package of materials (see VII. The Search Initiation Process) should be submitted for review by the Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs. If approved, the new search will be authorized for a twelve-month period.

4. Change of Rank, Line or Field Specified in the Search

If no candidate who is qualified for the specified rank is found in the pool of candidates identified by the search, the department chair may wish to change the rank, line or field. In that case, the department chair should request authorization from the Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs by the same procedure described above for authorization of the original position (including a revised Source of Salary Support form). In some cases, the composition of the search committee will need to be adjusted as a result of the rank, line or field change. If the Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs grants approval, the search process must then be repeated in order to announce the availability of a position at the altered rank, line or field to the new group of potential candidates. In such cases, time spent before the change in rank does not count against the new search, and the new search is effective for a full twelve months.

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