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Hiring a Professoriate Faculty Member - Searches, Offers, and Waivers of Search

This page brings together all of the tools, samples and checklists needed for managing a Professoriate search, reporting the results of the search, submitting a draft offer letter to OAA and Faculty Compensation for approval, and requesting a waiver of national search for a Professoriate position.

For a detailed guide to initiating and managing a search, please refer to the Guide to Faculty Searches. This reference guide provides all of the information needed to successfully initiate, pursue, and finalize a faculty search. Read it first before initiating your search, and refer to it with any questions.

What is the Importance of a Search?

Recruiting and hiring new members of the Professoriate (faculty in the University Tenure Line, Medical Center Line, or Non-Tenure Lines) requires either:

  • a broad-based national search which casts a broad net for the widest possible field of candidates
  • a waiver of search, granted by the Provost, in which the Department and School request permission to pursue a particular candidate without going through the full search process.

Following a successful search or waiver:

Initiating a Search

Templates and Samples

For a complete list of requirements and instructions, read Section VII, The Search Initiation Process, in the Guide to Faculty Searches.

Once all of your information has been assembled, submit the initiation request package to the Office of Academic Affairs for approval by the Dean and the Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs. You may start search activities after you have been notified of approval by email.

Managing the Search

Faculty Applicant Self Identification System (FASI)

Used during the search, this website, administered by the Provost's Office, gathers data from your candidates about their gender and ethnicity, and generates the Applicant Information Grid for inclusion in the Search Report.


Referee Letters

Referee letters may need to be solicited during the search. Assistant Professor candidates may solicit their own letters and have them sent directly to the search chair.

Submitting the Search Report Package

When the final candidate has been chosen, assemble the search report according to these Instructions pdf .

The search report must include the chosen candidate's curriculum vitae, including training, academic and professional history, record of grant funding (no dollar amounts included!), and bibliography with particular attention to peer-reviewed articles. Use these tools:

Assembling the Draft Offer Letter Package

This must be submitted with the search report, and it includes the draft offer letter for the chosen candidate, assembled using one of the templates listed below; the candidate's CV; and the required set of external referee letters.

Choose the offer letter template for the candidate's planned location:

Faculty Compensation also requires the Source of Salary Support form:

Requesting a Waiver of National Search

In certain circumstances, the requirement of a national search to fill a Professoriate faculty position may be waived by the Provost. This is an unusual occurrence; consult with the Office of Academic Affairs if you think you may have a waiver situation.

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