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Long Forms - Sections and Tools

For an overview of the Long Form, or for timelines, notification to candidates, etc., see the Long Forms - Overview page.

Sections of the Long Form

Section Instructions, Samples, Checklists Description
Cover sheet Template doc Candidate's name, rank, department and action.
Transmittal Memo Checklist doc Written by the department chair or designate, an introduction to the candidate and the information gathered in the long form.
Signature Page Checklist doc For the department chair(s), Dean, Provost and President's signature.
Billet Information   For new appointments, specify the billet (or position) number for the candidate.
Search or Evaluation Search Report Instructions pdf

Describes the process for making the decision to pursue this action.

For a new appointment, include the search report or waiver approval letter from the School or University.

For a reappointment or promotion, describe the process by which the evaluation committee decided to recommend this action.

For more on searches, go to Faculty Searches.

Candidate's Curriculum Vitae General Guidelines doc
Sample CV
Suggestions for annotating middle-authored articles
Candidate's CV, including training, academic and professional history, record of grant funding, and bibliography, with particular attention to peer-reviewed articles.
Candidate's Role Written by a senior faculty member (except for the Candidate's Statement), gives the departmental perspective on:
Scholarship Sample docChecklist doc what research has the candidate done and what impact has it had on their field? (
Clinical care (if applicable) Checklist doc Detailed information on clinical duties, both past and planned, including clinics/services, % FTE, procedures performed, conditions treated, etc.
Teaching Checklist doc Detailed information on teaching duties, both past and planned, including courses developed or taught, clinical teaching and supervision, research mentorship, types of students taught, example subjects, % FTE, etc.
Candidate's Statement Guidelines doc Written by the candidate, up to five pages presenting their research, clinical care and teaching accomplishments and plans.
School of Medicine Evidence Table Evidence Tables School-specific instructions for required evidence (number and type of referee letters, trainee letters, teaching evaluations, clinical evaluations, etc) for this rank, line and action.
Referee Letters Letters of evaluation from faculty members and supporting documentation.
Referee grid

Example doc
Instructions doc
Template doc

list of internal and external faculty members who have contributed objective evaluative letters about the candidate
Comparison peer grid (if applicable)   a list of faculty from around the country who are at a similar stage of their careers,sent to the referees for comparison with the candidate
Referee solicitation letter Templates doc Letter soliciting evaluations of the candidate from other faculty members. Solicitation letter should not be signed by candidate's mentor.
Referee letters   External and/or internal letters of evaluation, discussing the candidate's scholarly, teaching and (if applicable) clinical and administrative work.
Trainee Letters (if needed) Letters evaluating teaching and mentorship skills.
Trainee grid Template doc List of current and former students of the candidate who were solicited for letters about the candidate's teaching and mentoring skills
Trainee solicitation letter Template doc Letter soliciting evaluations from trainees. Solicitation letter should not be signed by candidate's mentor.
Trainee letters   Letters from current and former students/trainees of the candidate, sent within the last 12 months, discussing how they know the candidate and their evaluation of his/her mentoring and teaching skills.
Teaching and Clinical Evaluations Teaching evaluations From courses taught to Stanford students; may be collected by candidate and submitted to department.
Clinical evaluations

FAQ doc
Instructions doc
Summary Template

-See the Clinical Excellence Core Competencies Evaluation section on the OAA Forms web page for detailed information.
Evaluation of the Candidate Checklist doc The summary of the evidence presented and the conclusion that the department has reached regarding the candidate and the action.
Draft Counseling Memo (if needed) Sample doc, Checklist doc A draft memo that will be delivered to the candidate following successful completion of the action, giving guidance based on the evidence gathered for the long form as well as forward-looking advice regarding the next career milestone
Department Vote   Information about the departmental committee and their vote on this action.

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