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Overview of Long Forms - Instructions, Sections and Timelines

The long form is an assemblage of highly confidential documents (approximately 50-150+ pages) for the appointment, reappointment, or promotion of a Professoriate faculty member. Long forms are assembled through the FAST|FAC system.



University Long Forms and School Evidence Tables

There are five University long forms that cover all types of ranks and actions. FAST|FAC assembles the correct long form sections automatically, but you need to know the School's requirements for what goes into each section; those are in the School-specific instructions below.

Description Long Form Pages School-Specific Instructions Timeline and Tasks for Assembly of Long Form
New Untenured Appointment B1 Form pdf B1 School Instructions pdf New Appointment Timeline pdf
Reappointment or Promotion for a Term of Years B2 Formpdf B2 School Instructions pdf Reappointment/Promotion Timelinepdf
Reappointment or Promotion Initially Conferring Tenure or a Continuing Term of Appointment B3 Form pdf B3 School Instructions pdf
Promotion for Individuals with Tenure or Continuing Term B4 Form pdf B4 School Instructions pdf
New Appointment Conferring Tenure or a Continuing Term B5 Form pdf B5 School Instructions pdf New Appointment Timelinepdf
Sections of the Long Form (and Tools, Checklists, Samples...)

The Long Form Tools page contains a list of the sections of an appointment, reappointment or promotion long form, with checklists, examples and instructions for each section:


Timelines, Number of Copies for Committee, Other Useful Documents
Long Form Copies for School Review doc Find out what you need to provide for School and University review of a Professoriate long form. 
Timeline and Tasks: New Appointment pdf

How long should an appointment take? What should you do in month 10? When should referee letters be solicited? Answers here.

Timeline and Tasks: Reappointment/Promotionpdf Same information for reappointments and promotions.
Sample Memo from Dept to Reappt/Promo Candidate doc Template memo from the Department to faculty member announcing the start of the reappointment or promotion process and listing information that will be needed (e.g. CV, trainee names.)
How to Read a Long Form doc Tips from OAA staff on troubleshooting each section; for example, what needs to be included in the transmittal memo?
Reappointment/Promotion Flow Chart pdf Shows timing of assembly and review at Department, School and University levels.
Where is the Short Form?
There is no short form. In your heart, you already knew that.

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