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This page is a repository of all of the forms required for appointments, reappointments, promotions, changes to appointments, and leaves for faculty and "other teaching titles" at the School of Medicine.

Long Forms and Instructions

There are five University long forms that cover all types of ranks and actions. Fast|FAC will assemble the correct long form sections automatically. In addition, the School of Medicine has a set of requirements for the composition of the referee grid, evaluation of clinical skills, and other pieces of evidence assembled in the long form.

Here are the five different University long forms and the School-specific instructions or "evidence tables" for each:

Description Long Form Pages School-Specific Instructions Timeline and Tasks for Assembly of Long Form
New Untenured Appointment B1 Form pdf B1 School Instructions pdf New Appointment Timeline pdf
Reappointment or Promotion for a Term of Years B2 Formpdf B2 School Instructions pdf Reappointment/Promotion Timelinepdf
Reappointment or Promotion Initially Conferring Tenure or a Continuing Term of Appointment B3 Form pdf B3 School Instructions pdf
Promotion for Individuals with Tenure or Continuing Term B4 Form pdf B4 School Instructions pdf
New Appointment Conferring Tenure or a Continuing Term B5 Form pdf B5 School Instructions pdf New Appointment Timelinepdf

Clinical Excellence Core Competencies Evaluation

Other Forms

Professoriate (UTL, NTL, MCL)

Clinician Educators and Instructors

Other Teaching Titles (Adjunct Clinical Faculty, Short-Term Faculty)

Professoriate Sabbatical and Leave

Faculty with Clinical Duties


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