What's on the Academic Affairs Website

This website provides information for School of Medicine faculty, administrators, people holding other teaching titles at the school, and others seeking information about Stanford faculty.

Please note the new navigation tabs at the top of the screen, which will help you to find information more quickly.


  • The Faculty Handbook for the School explains lines, ranks, and criteria for appointment, reappointment and promotion in all faculty and other teaching lines.
  • FAST|FAC is the School of Medicine's Faculty A&P System Tracking File Assembly Completion system for Professoriate (UTL, MCL, NTL) faculty reappointment and promotion files.
  • Faculty members will find information specific to them (for example, on sabbaticals for Professoriate members, or housing benefits for Clinician/Educators) on their home pages.  
  • Administrators can find useful resources under the Forms, Tools, Policies page. 


Look for updates to the website in the coming months.